Chocolate Teapots

a short reflective piece on the passage, some background that introduces the passage, published on the Monday to help relfect on for the rest of the week as we build up to Sunday.



a couple of thoughts on how this weeks story opens us up to the world more globally as well as locally and enables us to engage the world through it.



one or two questions to ask through the passage about ourselves, the world, God and faith; questions that aren't meant to have answers but lead to some deeper thought.


some words of prayer to be used at the end of the week, words you will hear in the Sunday service that connects the week with the worship.

60 seconds is space.


It is a couple of thoughts, words or questions that can be used to reflect on the day and how the faith story we explore  each week, heard in full on Sunday, can open up the day for us, or close it at night.


There are only four published each week so you can find time enough, and as much time as you like, to pause, breathe, relfect and take that space into the rest of life.

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