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Echoes of Resurrection


Let us gather
in the echo of resurrection
while the light from that kingdom morning
still glows within
and when we can still remember
the first echo of alleluias
and still see in our mind
the footprints in the dew
and still hear
somewhere deep within
that voice that calls us
and dare still believe
what is impossible
that love is back
and nothing can constrain it
even as our doubts rise to the surface
and our questions begin

Within that honest hope
and that daring belief
let us sing into the world
what we doubt and believe at the same time
that Christ is alive
and the universe proclaims it





Thomas is interesting. Obviously he is out and about in the world when Jesus makes his first appearance. The disciples are generally locked in to the upper room. they don’t go out. They are scared. Thomas doesn’t seem to be be.

What about faith shuts us in, scared to go out faithfully?
What about believing in God makes us hesitate, embarrassed?
What about being in the church keeps us from telling folk that beyond the walls.

Thomas does a difficult thing. When he sees Jesus he takes what he fears and decides to move out into the world with new belief, trust.

It is a lesson for us: Church doesn’t work well when it is shut in, closed to the world, to the questions and debates and conversations.

Faith is an adventure in the world
Faith has questions
Faith explores doubts and certainties
Faith opens doors and takes us into what us uncertain.

Salt dough
Take a wee bit and make an impression of a key in the dough
and take it with you
Let us dry
and leave it somewhere as a reminder: belief doesn’t have everything sorted, it opens doors, takes u out into the world where there is a lot of uncertainty and dares us to believe…




                          John 20:19-31

O to have certainty


O to have the certainty O God
of an empty tomb
and a risen Christ
before our eyes

O to have the certainty
of the first ones
who saw
and believed

O to have the moment
with Mary
in the garden
recognising your voice

O to be in the moment
where the dreams turned into reality
and our deep down fears into living touch
and longings into skin

May we still trust
this is more than metaphor
more than vision
more than hope
and live as true
that love is back
and life is strong
and light crushes darkness
and you are among us
alive within us
and your spirit
holds and guides and calls us

In that resurrection spirit
may we meet you
where we mix our doubts with our hopes
and our wonders with our longings
and find our faith
becomes an adventure
exploring possibility
of opening doors and seeing what is there
and asking questions
and being honest

O God
in the honesty of how we feel
and what we believe
may we meet love
and grace
and truth
and you
so be it



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