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A place where
life is celebrated
and it’s miracle trusted
A place where
the excluded are brought back
and for the unknown a place to belong
A place where
religion is welcoming
and not judging
A place where
the blind are given new vision
and we see beyond ourselves
Let us continue in worship



Man Born Blind

                          John 9

Contemplative Prayer


May we tell your stories O God
and in them
may we find the truths to shape us
and the places to connect us

May we hear these words
and know they hold the promise of the kingdom
so may our ears be open
our hearts ready
our faith questioning
and willing to discover
not what we want
but what we least expect
a God
of unusual places
and unexpected moments

May we wonder

with the man born blind

at what we fail to see

and cannot see

because of hurt

and anger

and prejudice


May we hear

the questions of the crowd

and leaders

and authorities

and find them as familiar

as our own questions of disbelief and confusion

at the unexpected and unfamiliar turns

of our world


But may we also pause enough

at the wonder of what happens

May we speak

of remarkable things

make space in our world

too rational at times

for what seems miraculous,


and takes our breath away.


And may we



these are holy moments

when the world runs out of reason

and we only have wondert

o fill the silence
In such holy moments

may we meet you

So be it


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