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The Core

As a congregation we are continually believing into the faith, always evolving and moving and growing our sense of God. We therefore invite people to join us, not because we have answers but because, at our core, we have a sense of adventure and we want to share it. Here are the invitations we offer:

Invitation One

We invite you:
to join us in our growing relationship with God
whose creative and transforming love was shown
in the person and life

of Jesus the Lord
and whose spirit is alive in us today
as we create God's family here,
gathering and journeying together
in faith and love,
worship and life.

Invitation Two

We invite you:to join us

in reading and reflecting on the Bible’s story

inviting it to continually reshape our lives

and to live out our prayers in the world

that God's love may be shared

Invitation Three

We invite you:

to join us by living fully in the world,

sharing the amazing talents, gifts and resources

we have been given,

so that in the loving of our neighbour

we might help transform the world.

Invitation Four

We invite you:

to trust in grace

and speak out in the spirit of Jesus,

and together

follow love's journey

through every act and word we give the world.

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