Enquirers' Class

An Enquirers' Class is a four week course to get to know us better and what we questions, explore and wonder at. It outlines what we believe and what church means to us in this particular community. It does not necessarily lead to formal membership: that is up to you entirely. We just invite you to consider it. If you are interested, just come along or email us using the contact form on the Joining Page.

This time round the dates for the classes are:


August and September


All at 7.15 in the Walkround after the evening service.


The New Members service will be


later in September 2016






It is an open group to simply find out more about the church and belief.
We don't image we have all the answers and what we think now changes in each generation.
We won't sum up everything but simply offer some questions to begin the adventure that will take all your life to explore.
We don't expect you to have read your bible cover to cover. Most of us haven't either.
And ust so you know: we are still learning even though some of us have been at this all our lives.
O, and by the way, it's fabulous.

What we will explore

The class is very much deductive rather than inductive. It is based on discussion where we explore together ideas and beliefs for we know everyone approaches faith in different ways. We outline our heritage and explore some of the questions people of faith are constantly asking.

How was the bible written?


What do we mean by God?


Who actually was Jesus?


Is there any truth in the Bible?


What kind of community is the church?


Spirit? What Spirit?


What does it mean to join?





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