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"Here is the bird that never flew

Here is the tree that never grew

Here is the bell that never rang

Here is the fish that never swam"
Glasgow city crest

today, I climbed above

six hundred thousand souls

keeping their distance

for love of another they do not know

I did not weep

for my dear green place

but knelt

and prayed

prayed thankyou

for love that has not grown cold

prayed please God

do not let us be the trees that never grew

do not let us be the birds that never flew

do not let us be the fish that never swam

do not let us be the bells that never rang

(C) Andy McNeish

Let us unloose the alleluias!


Let us open our doors,

our gates,

our windows,

unlock the lockdown,

and set the alleluias free.


Let them fly like children’s kites

high above our quite streets,

multicoloured balloons

over the empty parks,

rainbow pictures

filling every window;


let us unlock the alleluias,

for even if we must not yet leave our quiet tombs,

at least let us set free hope

that this tomb-like time is temporary:

it is what we must do

before the life comes back.


So let the alleluias sing together

where we cannot yet do so;

let the alleluias gather

where silence lingers;

let the alleluias commit ‘social converging’

in daring and colourful ways,

that while we cannot escape our isolation

we are preparing for the time

when our own kind of resurrection comes

a time when

we gather together,

and feast,

and sing,

and laugh,

and roll eggs,

and share stories,

and meet each other’s eyes again

and celebrate, 

the life we are promised,


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