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Isaiah 9:1-7

Isaiah's Song

A single song can hold the essence, intent and charisma of a whole host of political speeches. Songs that people can join in mean they take with them the message and spread it wide.

Isaiah's 'song' of a child being born is one we latch onto very quickly and imagine is being sung of Jesus. Perhaps ultimately it is, but certainly not in the time it was first sung. No one knew of Jesus. This child being born is perhaps the one spoken of in the next chapter that has - perhaps wrongly - become known as the virgin birth. But whoever it is is not as significant as what it is: a child.

Children disrupt the future. We are prepared for battle and a child comes along and changes how we see things. Look at the way children have shaped our response to the migrant crisis in Europe. They have defined our response. They offer new light into situations and we begin to see things from a future perspective rather than a now perspective. Children change our political vision: we move (hopefully) from a retaliatory, selfish motive to one of responsibility and hope.

Yes, some will say they do what they do 'for the children'. That's usually a simple spin on an excuse to keep doing what they are doing because they can't see beyond themselves. But when you bring a child into your midst and you see things change (as Jesus did with children and rebalanced the argument) then you know the future is being changed by that child, that symbol and image and invitation of the future.

This child of Isaiah's song is one such example. Historically things changed in Isaiah's time. So too for Christians who see thins child symbolising Jesus. Let Isaiah's song be sung when we vote on whether or not to retaliate over Paris.

To accompany Isaiah, what other songs might we sing on Sunday?

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