Means to War

MP have congratulated themselves on the quality of the debate in Parliament today. Was it a particularly intelligent debate? Was there insight? Hilary Benn even got praise from the government for one of the best speeches ever made. It was a good speech but was it convincing.

There was a feeling that MP's were getting carried away in the enthusiasm of debate, in the atmosphere of the night. In principle they were doing something hugely significant and if felt a bit of a light touch at times as if they just wanted to join the fun.

It was more about the principle of helping out than the greater principle of whether this is right or wrong and whether this will make us safer. Quite clearly it was repeated numerous times that this will not necessarily make us safer and that the 8 planes we'll fly (perhaps tonight) will make a significant dent in ISIS so it was about joining up than actually making a difference. Is that a reason to go further into war?

Where is the strategy? Where is the enthusiasm and intent to keep the talks in Vienna going? Where is the investment in peace? Great enthusiasm in putting the cart before the horse without truly knowing what we will do next.

I wonder if they'll be singing carols this year and listening to what is being sung?


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