Now Make Peace

It has been a day of reflection, alleged bullying, recrimination and a lot of comment on websites and newspapers about last night's vote in parliament and this morning's air strikes. There is a bit of relaxing of information now the vote has passed and we hear more honestly what was less openly said last night about the length of time this will take (not about any other strategies of which this was meant to be only one - listen out for that!).

Of course we can keep on blaming the other, and we will, in order to keep pressure up and consciences alive and that's a good thing if that's what happens.

However, we also need to find the quickest way out of this towards peace, as quick as we were getting to this place. Now more than ever, we need to find creative, long lasting, and the far more difficult path towards balance and peace. May we never take our eye off that and if we find any leader doing so, let us remind them to refocus.


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