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Luke 1:68-79

Zechariah's Song

Here's the glue of the pat and the future. It is called the Benedictus but it tangles together all the ancient prophets hopes with the present future. Okay, that sentence tried to get all three states of being in one phrase: past, present and future. Yet, that is just what this song of incarnation does: the past hopes are still hopes but made real today which makes the future happen.

It's like Schrodinger's Cat: the prophecy is alive in different states at the same time. It's God's theological quantum of being (is that's James Bond in there too, almost?) and the song of Zechariah sings it from the past into the future.

This is the state we are in as Advent People. The past has happened but in it projected into our present where we believe it is already happened in Jesus who has already become flesh yet we still wait for Jesus to be born. It's a state of expectation and presence all at the same time.

Okay, this is going a little crazy. Advent does that to you because when the Word prepares to put on flesh there really isn't a pattern we can follow from our experience. It's the Lord of all time becoming tome bound in flesh. Incarnation.

Let's move on to the music and hymns we might sing this Sunday. I had a request for carols this week: what do you think - still too early to sing of Jesus being born when he isn't yet. Or is that us back at the same argument of the Benedictus?

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