Climate Change talks have finally started to bite the bullet suggesting that we need to keep things below 2 degrees C. That's significant. Ad the number of options for countries has been reduced too. That also is significant.

It's significant especially for the UK because the government has gone back on most of the green policies it claimed it would advance over the next five years. There is almost nothing left of any green initiatives, subsidies, or policies. Nothing.

The irony is that Britain is in the top ten countries (perhaps the top three) for reducing carbon which is a bit of an embarrassment when we are now dismantling the schemes that got us that kudos.

This is our meat and two veg: creation and care for it; equal sharing; raising people out of poverty; fair sustainable trade. these are all kingdom values. The whole raft of kingdom values is seen in how we respond to climate change.

So if we wish to keep to the COP2 agreement then we really will have to work harder and recreate all those green levies and initiatives that have just been torn apart in the last year. Watch this space, but while you are doing so, you better go and do something green because no one else seems to be worried about it.

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