Toys out the pram

A personal opinion. It is true that some leaders need to force things through because they can see a greater vision and you sometimes just need to trust them with that, that they know what they are doing. The government, however, are going to 'use the full force of the law' to clip the wings of the House of Lords so that it loses its absolute veto over laws. Instead it seems the Lords will only be allowed to send legislation back to the Commons to be voted on again and they can do that only once. I understand that one chamber is elected and the other is not and there is a whole lot of politics involved in questioning whether or not we should have an unelected second chamber. And the elected chamber ought to have the main say on new laws simply because it is elected. But even if that is true, and I think it is, being elected doesn't guarantee you always make the right decisions. Sometimes being elected you get an impression you have the country behind you, even if your majority is very narrow as in the case of the present government, and it is the same for the MPs of the Labour party who don't understand the following of Jeremy Corbyn. So there always ought to be a second chamber (probably elected) but one that can stop bad or rushed or one-sided legislation; a chamber that is always there to critique and challenge, and when necessary, stop injustice or bad legislation happening. To get rid of that balancing process, especially when it appears to be off the back of a decision people are in a huff about is a sign of a fragile democracy surely. It's like the church deciding to stop asking people about what has turned them off the church because people keep telling them things they don't like. Faith ought to be robust enough to cope with that. So too our politics. But that's just one opinion based on a faith perspective. There are others and please feel free to share them...


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