Star Wars

Went to see Star Wars on Sunday night. Not sure that's the done thing after a carol service but it seemed to work: stars and the force being with you and the dark side and prophecy plus popcorn: all the elements of a great story about hope and meaning and light.

It was basically a remake of the original. It wasn't a made remake at all but there were some exact copies of the first Star Wars film. Clearly the story will start with the next film.

But then there's your nativity: each year a remake with the hope the real story begins with the next chapter. You can play and replay the original, dress it up in as many creative and imaginative versions of the nativity play but the real story begins only after you've done that and then begin to live that story in the world: Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter etc. Christmas is the remake. The real story begins after Christmas. That's when you really have to believe: when it is much more difficult.

I wonder if the force in Star Wars will be more difficult now it has awakened. That's the easy bit...


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