Chocolate Teapots

Chocolate Teapots

Luke 2:41-52

Jesus in the temple

This is perhaps the perfect story to end Advent, Christmas, Incarnation, angels, stars, wise men and all the wonder and poetry and mystery of the season: Jesus get's lost.

Apart from the blind panic in Mary and Joseph over the three days it took to find him again and the umpteen places they must have visited to find him as well as the thought: what on earth was Jesus thinking, this story puts Jesus on the earth in the most mundane, earthly, human child sort of way. All the angels and stars and light and wonder and romance and mystery are gone. This is just Jesus and he get's lost. Brilliant. You don't get more earthly and human than that. Good bye Christmas, hello the real Jesus.

It's kind of like Home Alone Jesus style. This is the version where we see Jesus isn't going to be stuck with the perfect baby and sleep filled nights. This is Jesus in the raw and it is good to end such a hyper-romantic season this way where everything is about atmosphere and feeling Christmasy. You land with a bump this Sunday, and we're off, Jesus ministry and story and now really begun.

So any hymns about getting lost or being found, or hymns about the earthly Jesus (a lot less I fear than all the romantic Christmas ones), or other music that might be played that speaks into the story... over to you.

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