It's all about brands. Apple iPhone (these two iconic words are worth billions) sales are falling and Google (another word that is worth billions) is trying to justify its pocket-money sized tax bill.

How sacred are these?! Apple, iPhone, Google, Amazon, Starbucks... words that sum up a way of life, aspiration, and define who we are. It's incredible how sacred these things are, and how valuable they are to so many that have them lining up along streets at midnight to purchase the latest gadget or book or coffee.

Bread and wine isn't quite the brand name we'd perhaps like, but it is not meant to be. It is the brand name of heaven on earth; the brand name of the coming of justice; the brand name of self-giving love and it is worth more than all the rest put together, but no one has noticed.

Everyone can get a bit.Yet it is incredibly aspirational, it is to die for (quite literally), it is a lifestyle choice that is life defining summing up a way of life. But it is common. It's on every table or every house, of every person. Some say it is too ubiquitous to be worth anything, value only comes in things that are scarce, but that's the wrong economic model. Bread and wine are all the more valuable because the hope of heaven and the story of love is set free everywhere. That's its incredible value, everyone has a piece, there is no division of labour, wealth or power.

It's a different model from the one the shareholders of Apple are all upset about at the moment. but this is a bigger dream than even Apple can imagine. One day they'll get it, but not just yet.

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