Gertrude the Storm

I know I'll probably eat my hat, if it doesn't blow off, but with storm Gertrude approaching and amber warnings, it seems many of those who are responsible for our infrastructure have taken the decision to stop running services or reduce them.

Perhaps it is a sensible precaution but we used to be able to judge these things for ourselves, our own common sense. I remember one pilot on a Cal Mac ferry going to Islay saying, "Lets go to the head of the loch and then we'll see if we can make it across." We did and it was the best crossing I've ever had in a ferry: we were rolling about quite a bit and it was fabulous.

Are we being over cautious? Are we losing our ability to make common sense decisions? Are we looking for every excuse to become more and more like sheep? No one wants no one to be hurt and no one wants no one to take unnecessary and foolish risks, but we seem to preempt too much now rather than face things with experience.

Yet in so many cases we seem to do the opposite with faith, giving up with being told what we should think and do and instead we increasingly face faith things for the raw experience and without paying any attention to the words of caution.

Just a thought.

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