Chocolate Teapots

Chocolate Teapots

The Apostles Creed

This is a bit strange, attempting a Chocolate teapots initial thoughts on the Creed rather than a Scripture Passage. It's one of these things that could take you forever to talk about just the first couple of words: both 'I' and 'Believe'.

In many way I keep my fingers crossed behind my back when I recite the creed because I'm not convinced by the literal detail but I do support the meaning.

This week we look at 'I believe in God the father Almighty maker of heaven and earth'. Where do you begin?

If this was to be reworded, and perhaps that might be a way forward for Chocolate Teapots during this season, it might read:

Everything I am has chosen to trust a way of life shaped by a love that has given everything (as a father or mother does) in order for life to happen life that is both grounded in the places, people and relationships I have and beyond what I understand, see or know found in hope, possibility and belief.

Long winded but a start. Creeds have a lot packed into them which makes this season of exploring the creed a bit like entering a TARDIS.

Any hymns, music or other worship ideas you'd like to be considered as we move towards Sunday again?


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