Listen to your mother

There's something about mothers... I wonder if Mary every reflected to Jesus what she sang when it was announced she was to be mother to the son of God? The Magnificat is some kind of corrective to the church, to the kingdom, to every manifesto in a 'Christian' country and it was Jesus' mother who sang it. Words about justice and rebalance and renewal and salvation. Did Jesus ever hear his mum speak of the Magnificat again and did he listen?

I wonder if David Cameron hears his own mum who has spoken out against local government cuts. I remember being told Gordon Brown, when he was Chancellor getting 'Drop the Debt' card from his mum. Can you imagine what it said: 'Now, look here son...'

Sometimes the mothers have it. It is certainly a Biblical truth from Hannah to Mary. You don't hear them too often, but when they speak up it is the very wisdom of the kingdom. Mothers get it.

If I were in a position to give advice it would simply be: listen.


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