Rewrite the Creed

Just a wee addendum to yesterday's Chocolate Teapots:

If the world's Christians were to get together to write a creed for today, where would they begin?

The original context was Holy Roman Empire and a world that was pre-industrial and pre-digital technology and smaller in size and more issues around life and death with greater vulnerability of life.

Different context, different words?

Certainly vulnerability and poverty and life and death issues are just as real for so many today but creeds are often written by the powerful and wealthy as the Apostles' Creeds was too, so where would you begin today for today's world?

Who would you invite to be part of that process? How many church leaders and how many everyday believers who have to struggle with the environment, with poverty and with fragile lives would be consulted and part of the writers?

It would be an interesting exercise and depending on who you chose, you'd get quite a different image of God. If it was decided the group would be made up of the same proportions of poor and powerful as there are in the world today the image might be quite different, this time a God from the ground up reflecting all the people Jesus related to but whose words directed to these groups of people are not mentioned anywhere in the creed.

We really are inviting you to use the Creed as a devotion exercise over Lent and one things we are inviting is for people to rewrite and reword the Creed, not in order to change it but to see it anew. Please do work on that and perhaps, anonymously, send it to us where we can reflect back the priorities we have now when we talk of Jesus.


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