Something you will hear on Sunday. A dialogue between the traditional words of the Creed and more poetic words that allow space to explore meaning more.

A: I believe B: I awaken to A: Jesus Christ B: the one who walked our earth and whose God-light shone through A: God’s only son B: the one whose life came from the very life of God A: our Lord B: our guide, our teacher, our friend A: who was conceived by the Holy Spirit B: whose life was an intent of God’s creative imagination A: born of the Virgin Mary B: who sang love’s song at his beginning and was blessed A: suffered under Pontius Pilate B: rejected by the powers of the world A: was crucified B: executed by those same powers A: died B: sharing the same death of us all A: and was buried B: love had been killed A: he descended to the dead B: and they thought this the end A: but on the third day B: nothing could contain, bind or hold the life Jesus began A: he rose again B: and the story continues to be believed of renewal, transformation and life again. A: I believe in B: I awaken to Both: Jesus


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