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Chocolate Teapots Apostles' Creed I believe in the Holy Ghost the holy catholic church the communion of saints And so the list continues, in three or four words, stating what we believe. Of course if we wrote this today there would be lots of caveats, appendices and footnotes about what we might want to say about each of these things. The Holy Ghost: the ‘she’ of God, the creative energy, the imagination, the wet-nurse of heaven, the feminine, the spark etc. The spirit covers a multitude of emotions and images and thankfully imagination and creativity are at the top of the list. In a nation and world that is becoming ever more authoritarian and scared (the two go together) imagination isn’t always welcomed, yet right at the heart of God, there it is: creativity, stretching the known world, the poetry that moves the boundaries. The holy catholic church: the universal church, the institution that calls itself the body of christ doesn’t always live up to its name but at least most of us admit that and know we are a work in progress. Don’t just us for who we are now but by the intent we live by to always be something more and ever closer to the image of the kingdom we find in Jesus. The communion of saints: never one generation of believes but every generation where the institutional memory is not lost but rather always added to and expanded and challenged and corrected. Nothing is lost, not a drop. All acts of love change the world, even the smallest and everyone who unfolds that love in the smallest act of kindness is as much a saint as the ones who sport halos. This Sunday we have Bill Hewitt leading us though this part. Looking forward to it already. Any hymns you’d like to sing in support of this part of the Creed?


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