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'I am the bread of life' & 'I am the resurrection and the life'.

We offer two I AM sayings this week. One at the 9.30 service: 'I AM the bread' and then at the 10.30: 'I AM the resurrection'.

Best come to both to see how one takes us down to the very basic, common level of life and the other takes us to the glory of high theology. From bread to resurrection. Here is someone who saw himself as very common and mortal and everyday in using the idea of bread to encompass who he was, but spoke too of being resurrection. It feels like two extremes but when Jesus spoke of resurrection he was talking at the scene of Lazarus being unbound from the grave. So it is in the midst of death and smell and sorrow he speaks of resurrection. Not exactly a piece of high doctrine but the place where we meet our hope: in the earth quite literally.

So both these I AM sayings come from the grounded, earthly, human places we find ourselves. Look out for the good news because following Easter Day, we're not expected to look heavenward but in the ordinary. God still, even after resurrection, still has us looking into tombs, and breaking bread to find where he has gone.


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