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There are always paradigm shifts happening in our society. There are moments when we discover for real that who we thought we were, isn't true any more.

We were always heavy manufacturers. We began the industrial revolution but today, now that Tata wish to sell all the steel plants in the UK we find ourselves having lost some of our identity.

There is a question here of course about choosing what we want to be in the future. We bailed out bankers a few years ago and it cost us a fortune and perhaps a future. Will be bail out steel workers?

How do we choose what to bail out? What is the level at which something is too important to loose? We bailed out bankers but we really haven't managed to change the moral landscape: all that multi billion pound investment and we are no better morally.

It never is as simple as that of course but for kingdom followers it is a question that lies in amongst all the arguing. What do we choose to bail out. And despite the massive investment that led to such austerity that thins out our welfare towards the poor so radically, bailing out the bankers has left us no better off morally speaking.

How we respond depends on what we now identify ourselves as being. What is so important we need to keep: morality, compassion, community or something else that meant we ended up having an even more imbalanced landscape after the banks collapsed?

Faith people who believe in loving neighbour and working for the common good as the Prime Minister has said need to ask these questions do they not?


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