On reflection following the Panama papers the most immediate thought is the absolutely massive gap between people and how some of those with a lot of money live by such different attitudes towards those with a whole lot less and seem to feel no responsibility towards others. That's the more damning thing surely.

More and more evidence suggests that it isn't the GDP of a country that makes it stable, powerful or a good place to live but the size of the gap between the rich and the poor. The bigger the gap the bigger incidence of everything from depression and crime to teenage pregnancy and mental health. In effect, the bigger the gap the less stable a country is because people no longer move in the same circles or can aspire. We just move apart because we have less and less in common.

Surely it shows the very meanest side of our humanity when we dodge tax (legally or illegally) in order to reduce our responsibility towards each other emphasised by our embarrassment of this that we have to do it in secret which itself is evidence that we know we are on less than solid moral ground..

Clearly not everyone is tarred by this brush but it does now force those with most to be seen to show the greatest responsibility towards others and for us all to be particularly horrified that we live in a modern society that is still Dickensian with a different set of rules for those who can afford it.

It is yet again a kingdom moment where we find ourselves faced with a choice about how we respond to our poorest neighbours. If this might level us it will be a good day but I fear it will not. Our greed will become even more cleverly hidden from each other.

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