Lightbulb Moments

At Sunday's 9.30 service with the theme I AM the light, we asked people for lightbulb moments, ideas for the church that would be examples of giving God worth (worth-ship). Here's the list:

- Opening out the doors of the church downstairs in the halls to create a community cafe to form bonds and friendship to all.

- Give away more 'stuff' to people who need it.

- Prayer, read the bible, love your neighbour.

- Caring for others, give up time to support less able, being a good neighbour.

- Coffee machine and chat (Oh and cake).

- Installation art round a theme, for example making a church space out of recycled bottles.

- Share his love every day in kindness to others.

- Feed the world.

- Do one kind thing every day.

- Be more forgiving.

- Be understanding of people with dementia.

- Be more open to people - why not have internet in the church which will reach beyond our walls.

- Talk about your faith to others.

- Always remembering to give God thanks for the ever changing beauty of the world around us and in other parts of our beautiful world.

- Welcoming new neighbours as days grow longer greeting those we haven't seen.

- If new chairs are bought please buy ones with arms and leave some pews as they are necessary too - people feel secure.

- Suggest that members of the congregation change around where they sit each week getting to know different people.

- Pray a little, or a lot, more.

- Be kind to more people.

- Share skills between age groups, other churches etc.

- Organise community (rather than church) focused groups to involve non-church goers.

- Pay more attention to our elderly neighbours.

- A period (short!) of silence in worship to listen and reflect.

It wold be good to hear what you might priorities on this list...


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