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This year is the 460th anniversary of John Knox sharing communion at Easter under a yew tree in Finnlayston: the first communion on the reformation in the west of Scotland.

So we take some of the heritage of that, liturgy in the vernacular as the reformation wanted, celebrating that but also to recognise what we do at the table on Sunday at our own communion, it not to limit it to a few who turn up, but open it to the world. I AM the gatekeeper said Jesus: I open the gate and let you out of the sheepfold, not keep you in. Go into the world.

Here's some words by Rev David Ogden which we will be using:

Minister: So now we mind on him as he has bidden us. He was born for us in a steading where the cows were.

Response: Glory to you, the bairn of Mary.

M: He was baptised in the Jordan waters for us, tested in the desert, and he sent the Devil home tae think again.

R: Glory to you, Christ of the desert.

M: He made the lame walk; he raised up the dead, love was the song he insisted upon to his own and foreign folk.

R: Glory to you, Christ of the healing.

M: He was bought and sold for silver, given over to Pilate, condemned to the cross; for us the tholed it all, for us he died.

R: Glory to you, Christ of the timber.

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