The Triumph of Trump

Dare we, on a church facebook site, pause a moment and reflect on what is happening in the US where someone who is reported as being everything that is negative, misogynistic, fear-fueled be a candidate for president of the US?

What happens when people feel the political classes rule everything and are arrogant, selfish, working for their own means by feathering their own beds and just don't listen because they imagine no one else has anything worthwhile to say except themselves? The voters choose an outsider even one such as Mr Trump and the more the political classes gang up against him, the more voters vote for him. It's a power struggle and it isn't actually about the man himself, he could be a monkey, with the most dangerous policies around but it is democracy raising its head saying we've had enough and we are going to win.

The only problem is that the ability to win isn't what an election is about. It is being able to govern with some sense of value and responsibility for more than yourselves. It's the narrow worldview that seems so dangerous, the cutting off of relationships without bothering to even try to redeem them and it is happening in Europe too.

There's a story about vine and branches we explore this week in our faith-life that perhaps has quite an important thing to say about this.

O and by the way... may the fourth be with all who vote tomorrow and the coming months.


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