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Chocolate Teapots Matthew 5:13-16 ‘You are the salt of the earth’. Not there is nothing about ‘go and be’ or ‘I want you to become’. The statement is ‘YOU ARE (already) salt of the earth’. So, just as you are, you are salt. The statement is a blessing and not a commandment. Recognise who you already are. You are a blessing already for the world. Enjoy. But, salt? Of the earth? In the earth ovens of the day dung was used as fuel. A plate of salt was placed on the dung and this was the catalyst for the fire. So, in other words, you are the catalyst that gets things cooking. As for light: one roomed houses of the time had one oil lamp, put out at night by a bushel so the smoke and oil didn’t fumigate the whole house which would happen if you blew it out. There’s two ways to fill a house: with light or with fumes. Believe it not, you’re better at being light. So go and be the blessing you are. Go and be magnificent. Any magnificent hymns for Sunday or an idea on how to read the passage or a contemporary moment…


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