What's the BIG Idea?

We had quite an insightful meeting tonight at 'What's the Big Idea'. One of the things we are trying to do is not just jump in and repeat what we've done before in either how we live in community or who we employ to enable us to do that.

The beginning of working out what we need to be as a church and who leads us in doing that, is to find out what the needs are, not just in the congregation but more broadly in the community, and what it means to be church today. When we have that 'lie of the land' then we can ask, 'if that is the lie of the land, what resources do we need to be here?'

Tonight we began one conversation (there will be a number of others over the coming months) to describe the lie of the land. It was encouraging to hear how engaged people are who know something of the issues and see this as an opportunity rather than a crisis.

There were some fairly immediate ideas we will do to engage people and tell our story more publicly and find crossroads for church and community and traders and groups to cross. It won't all happen immediately but it is quite an exciting time that perhaps, perhaps we are beginning to form the big idea that seems lacking in the national church of simply (surprise, surprise) talking to each other beyond borders and isolated worlds.

From there we can grow youth work, social justice, the way to build relationships with each other, how we provide the insights and stability of faith to each generation and simply welcome each other and love our neighbour.

Lots to do, so much to do but we're starting, beginning to think again outside of ourselves. What a great place to be.

Watch out for further 'What's the Big Idea?'


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