Olympics... and in 4th place...

Oh the Olympics... so stressful. Have we ever needed to do so much channel hopping in order to keep with the excitement of particular events: rugby sevens, canoe slalom, diving and gymnastics and that's just this evening.

There seems to have been an unfair expectation on the number of medals the UK was to win. We're quite good at fourth place! and absolutely no shame in that all but for some reason it comes with a sense you've failed unless you win a medal.

What a terrible way to live: you can only win, you can only get the top positions and if you don't then suddenly we forget your name. The commentators are often saying to those who didn't get what they were headlined to get before the Olympics, "You've done yourself proud" and indeed each of them have. But it is just this expectation of the world to always achieve so high that is exhausting.

That leads to all the risks people take with drugs and unhealthy training. I don't want to suggest we should turn it all into the Sunday School races and everyone getting a prize but want to use this to reflect on the bigger question about how we see and value people and while all Olympic athletes can always hold their head up high, how do we do the same for people in our communities and schools and neighbourhood....?

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