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I had a post all prepared about Donald Trump and the kind of language he uses that seems to so clearly suggest one thing and all the spin doctors say he was actually saying something else and then the media is blamed for the mishearing (ever listened to yourself?). When language is muffled and indistinct and left to be interpreted in the inciteful and dangerous ways it has today, that is not good leadership.

But rather more positive than that has been this evenings Olympics. Medals all over the place and hugely exciting. It's not the winning that has been great (okay I lie, it's been fabulous in diving, gymnastics, rugby sevens and cycling and shooting etc) but that the difference between the best and the worst is so little. You've got 10 competitors divided by fractions of points. We make the division seem huge by giving medals so some and not others but really, the difference between them is a hairs width.

Perhaps it is a moment to realise how similar humanity is. The divisions are human made in so many ways. When it goes down to the wire there is nothing significant that divides us in terms of ability. Only how we treat others who are that tiny fraction better or worse than us at any particular moment.


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