Are you allowed to be cynical about the Olympics? It's certainly been good, nae, great. There are medals abound and everyone feels good - well many people do. Sense of pride, patriotism - though nothing like what it was in 2012.

But then comes yesterday when the cycling took over everything, the news delayed by one and a half hours for this national achievement. I was watching and glad the news was delayed so I could take part in the excitement and exciting it was.

Each medal last night cost us something like £4 million pounds. Not much for national pride and for us to refocus on something after Brexit. Maybe that's a really good thing. Maybe this is what we need.

We are always looking for ways to bring communities together. We have a festival coming up to do just that. The cynic will comment on the amount of investment, the professionalism, the science and research that that money has enabled and the correlation between investment and medals, but actually, let's be honest: the whole thing is more than a great sporting occasion. Its original designers wanted to bring people together. They got it right. It does. We are bound to our neighbour through sport.

But if we didn't win as many medals, would that work as well? It didn't before we invested hundred's of millions in sport. So is the identifying done through winning rather than taking part? That's a little less honourable.


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