Aleppo and Rio

There was a moment in the 10 O'clock news tonight that really jarred. It was the juxtaposition of two stories,. both significant but back to back it managed to refocus us away from Olympics and back into the world. The news started with the story of Omran Daqneesh, the five year old pulled from rubble in Aleppo sitting in the back of an ambulance and then suddenly the newsreaders face changes to smiles and we're talking gold medals at the Olympics. Both stories important in that the first shows us the reality of the world and the second perhaps somehow shapes the hopes. We can plan a massive international jamboree that celebrates the best of us but we can't do a thing about getting food and supplies to a city totally destroyed by conflict, not even a short window of time enough to offer some humanity. How can we have the vision of the Olympics but still have the reality of Aleppo? What mental state is humanity in (and her leadership) when the juxtaposition of these stories is the best image of what we we really are?


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