If we are made of dust and breath then we are made of the secular and the sacred, the grounded and the heavenly, of shadow and light. Perhaps that is the secret to our humanity that we are in balance and when that balance goes out of balance: so heavenly we're no earthly use or too grounded to fly then we aren't experiencing our humanity in the fullest way God desires for us.

Which means, perhaps, that the world itself is out of balance when we tip it too much in one direction to the detriment of the other side of ourselves. For example, if we are so religious, so extreme in our view of one thing, live and our relationship with life will be out of kilter.

Or when we are so secular there is no room for the sacred, then that too means we are not living life in its fullness but are our of sorts with the equilibrium we ought to be experiencing.

It is perhaps a truth for all world religions to consider, and for all politicians too as much as ourselves: find the balance.

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