Mr Trump's arms

There seem to be so many reasons to be unconvinced by Donald Trump's strategy to get elected but the 'peace through strength' policy he is now advocating, promising to expand all areas of the US military is just letting the National Rifle Association run the world.

The whole idea that the more arms we bear the safer we'll be is completely anti-gospel not because it is about having power but because it is about being controlled by fear and prepared to live through fear, so much fear, the only way to get on in life is to get rid of your enemy, and that too is anti-gospel.

It seems so many policies that are becoming popular are based on the fundamental policy of fear. We saw it in the European referendum, we see in in the US from walls to military expansion, in France's burkini debate and in Angela Merkel's lower votes last weekend. In what world does having more arms and more threat and more fear and more mistrust and more circling of wagons make any of us safer and more humane towards each other?

Let's continue therefore to make our congregation quite the opposite: work for positive relationships, live towards the other, and be the samaritans the world seems to need more of now than it has for along, long time.


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