Chocolate Teapots

Chocolate Teapots Genesis 15:1-6

This is a three-faith story. At least the chief characters are shared between the three biggest global faiths and is about promise. This is before it all goes pear-shaped and a family feud divides them all. It begin here with promise with no talk of everyone getting split up and having a different piece of land to fight over.

Do all God's acts begin with promise? Is this the foundational energy of all God does: promise. Not hope, not intent, not vision, but promise. We need to pause in all God's beginning stories to consider this when we see where we've ended up because it means even if it's all gone to pigs and whistles, it's not over yet. The promise still stands. If it was a hope, then hopes can be dashed; if intent then that can change; if vision then that can be lost.

Promise stands. It's a big word and for a long time but it isn't broken despite the evidence.


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