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Some of us find it easy to believe, others find it difficult. Most are in between.

We don't all believe literal truth (such as the world was created in seven days or Jesus walked on water) but we all believe the truth behind the story (such as God is imaginative and creative, and we can trust Jesus).

Not all of us read the Bible every day or pray every day. We all find our own balance in faith and don't live up to the stereotypes.

Some of us imagine God in the traditional sense and some talk of God as 'love' or 'mystery' and probably most of us live with both. None of us are absolutely certain what God might be like but we find life and faith in discussing and exploring these.

We like using poetry, imagery, story and metaphor to speak of faith for these things offer space for us to grow in our relationship with faith.

Most of us grew to belong before we grew to believe and still feel belonging to each other and to God is more faithful than being able to agree with all the ancient doctrines. Many of us are still working out our relationship with these.

We know it is difficult to walk into church for the first time. We'd rather the walls were of glass and everyone could see what it is like before having to negotiate dark doorways and stone corridors but this is the building we have inherited. It is beautiful inside, and we're be delighted if you just want to sit inside and be left alone if you wish.

Some of the things we do might seem a bit strange: communal sing, bowing heads to pray, repeating things together, listening to a sermon, but these are part of our heritage. It all means something and we're continually growing in our understanding of the story behind these things and so will you if you come along. Not all of us have worked it all out yet either.

What we do in worship isn't all we do. That's just the pause in the week that recharges the batteries and refocuses us to do all the other things we do as we learn how to love our neighbour. It is also a chance to get a reboot for the times we haven't.

And, finally, there is no right or wrong way to come to church, no right or wrong way to worship, no right or wrong way start, however saying hello is a good beginning (but hopefully we'll say it to you first).


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