Isn't that great: the Nobel Prize has been given to strangeness. This must be a good thing. It's not your typical, or fashionable, or traditional but that which lives beyond our normal terms of reference has been recognised.

The down part is that the research into the strange behaviour of materials was done a long time ago but is only now being recognised.

People of faith have always recognised mystery and wonder and strangeness. It is how we perceive the world: our senses are tuned to that which is not typical. Though having said that, perhaps that isn't true and that's our greatest sin: we haven't been particularly well tuned to that which falls outside our social or cultural or theological parameters.

High time we got those sense back and recognise and respond to those who the mainliners say are strange: refugees, hungry, powerless. It is a strange matter indeed that we have lost our bearings in a world of sameness full of that which is typical.


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