What does a poppy stand for to you?

I know poppies hold a whole wealth of different emotions and feelings. It means a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people and nationally it has changed its meaning. It was originally about peace and never again. It was about the pain and hurt and awfulness of war and today it is more about patriotism.

What do you think?

Whether there should be poppies worn next week at the England/Scotland game is going to be filling a number of opinion pieces (and not a few sermons I am sure) but is it a political symbol as FIFA suggest (not that they've got a particularly great moral compass!)?

Perhaps it is political if the sentiment is 'never again' if it urges leaders and nations to make a change in how they relate to each other. But perhaps that relationship is shaped by the horror of war which is what the poppy originally spoke of. But given it is now over 100 years since the start of WW1 it is easier to make it into a symbol of patriotism and loyalty than a symbol of a way of living that works towards 'never again'.

But at least wearing one next week offers up the chance to talk about that and discuss what it means which is something too many cannot do because of the outcomes of too many wars. Whatever reason it is we have for wearing a poppy, let it make a difference to us.


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