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Joel 2:28-29

Your young men shall dream dreams and your ole men shall see visions. Or is it the other ways around? It doesn't matter. The point in this is that those who thought these godly gifts were limited to a certain few chosen ones now have to rethink because the time is coming when everyone will have access, everyone will realise they are gifted, everyone will have direct connection to God.

When the passage talks of vision and dreams and prophecy, it isn't that people will suddenly have a whole host of new gift that see into the future, but will no longer be narrow in their way of engaging with God. It's going to get more creative and its going to be taken out the hands of the few and placed into the hands of the many.

And especially not in the hands of the men but men and women. It's a passage that has been hidden in plain sight. It's a passage for every generation: everyone has the ability to see, dream, hope and speak of God's intent for the future. So what have we done to the church that we have limited and stunted this gift and left it for the few?

What hymns are there that speak into this - not many I imagine. But in the context of Advent here a prophecy that makes way for the voices of Mary and the Shepherds and all the forgotten folk and the silenced. Listen to the voices on the edges: the innkeeper and the magi, all those Joel says have something to say because among them, we hear the intent of incarnation.


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