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Luke 1:26-49

And so an angel arrives with good news. It get all a bit confusing over the centuries with the virgin birth but it really isn't the point. That's not the real miracle. Any two-bit world leader gets a virgin birth: Alexander the Great being one of the bigger names.

The real miracle is Mary's response, surely: 'Yes!', and then she goes and turns it into a song. We've called it the Magnificat but it is a big song and this is the real miracle.

Read it. The whole of it. These are the words Luke gives Mary in his Gospel as a suitable response to the angel's message.

The miracle is salvation, is a turn-a-round, is an insight into a God who has a vision to take the legs from under the world's normal routines and ways of doing things. If you think Brexit or Trump have done that, then multiply that by 100 fold.

This is the miracle.


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