“The sky is crying for Aleppo with soft tears,” said one teacher in the city, referring to the rainfall that had slowed down the relentless aerial bombardment of recent days, in a text message. “The sky is much kinder than human beings. For this we will stay there finally. There is no justice but in heaven.”

With the ending of conflict in Aleppo now we begin to hear the stories we ought to have let move us a long time ago. We seem to be so much better at conflict than peace. Perhaps that is because you don't have to trust people in conflict as they are 'enemy', but you have to trust them in peace.

Some from the congregation organised Christmas dinner with three refugee families originally from Aleppo last night. One conversation I had with one of the older Muslim teenagers was quite clear: "Why do we focus on differences. I hope I will be able to tell people we are all much more alike. We all are the same."

Still lighting a light for Aleppo and all places this Advent where conflict is easier than peace.


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