From our carol service oin Sunday evening at 6.30 which is going to be fabulous, shared with All Saints and led by the coir.

Mary how did you recognise an angel’s voice? What does liquid gold sound like when it is clothed in light and shaped by words of incarnation? What does it feel like, Mary to be held in the gaze of an angel and behold the light of salvation? Does the light move in a helix of coils curling round the edge of wings where angel-light meets open air? Is the air white hot like a thousand suns or blue cold with sharp and intense light round an angel? And do angels catch your breath when you exhale and forget to breathe in again? How long do you stand there until your senses bamboozled and overwhelmed return to normal? And to be this close to heaven’s realm? What does it feel like? Is it over in a second or a lifetime? Do they use words or is it just a deep down knowing a perfect realisation and an obvious certainty? And what does the world taste of afterwards the air: does it tang of the burning that follows a lightning strike? and does everything seem muffled now in a reluctant winter light because you have been told, Mary, of both the hope and the fear the future now brings?


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