In moving towards the eve of the new year we all get all hope-filled and romantic about what is ahead. Given the year of populism (whatever on earth that actually is) some look forward to a calmer year, with some balance and stability and familiar norms. Totally understand that. The Guardian had something to say about that today.

But we can take it further perhaps. There is a biblical lesson here for there is never the longing for the status quo. There is always the longing for better versions of what is there at the time. Not just peace after war but a better peace. Not simply justice after dark days but better justice.

So as we negotiate ourselves into the future, we ought to negotiate better welfare systems and not just ones that are similar to what we've got, and we ought to negotiate better fairer trade systems rather than be satisfied with ones as close to what we've got now.

Every time the Hebrews moved into the land they, theoretically, set up better ways of being a nation. The prophets helped focus them, the judges too, the 10 commandments, etc. So moving towards the eve of the year and staring into the future what will mark our time will be either a relief in keeping things as close to what they are, or creating something better still.


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