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Everything begins again this weekend with coffee to begin with (rather than end with) on Friday morning: an open morning with home baking and coffee. We charge for these are funds go to church projects but it was created because we had so many bakers in the church with a thousand cake recipes. So what's not to like: come along, and eat your way into heaven. 10.30- 12noon.

Sunday School is back again on the 8th January, 10.30 beginning in church and then age-group classes from about 10.50 finishing 11.40. Children of every age are welcome. We stream into ages: creche (0-3), Beginners (3-5), Juniors (6-8), Seniors (9-11) and then Junior Fellowship (12 upwards).

Too often we talk about what we are interested in ourselves on Facebook and forget the basic information about church:

- everyone is welcome

- we worship together and then learn in age-groups (adults get a sermon - but not a long one!)

- we come back together again afterwards over coffee and jice for all ages.

- we talk about the world and what it means to be in the world as it really is.

- we attempt to model a community that is loving and honest but can argue and debate and learn to live with differences.

- we get it wrong at times and we get it right at times and often we get it right only because we got it wrong and found out how painful that can be.

- we want to be able to just say to folk, 'come in and sit down and lets talk together, we won't judge'. But sometimes we do and we are sorry for that. Tell us when we do.

- we laugh together and sing together and learn new songs together and old ones too and look in each others eyes and see a whole wealth of experience we share through the old and the new.

- we don't believe everything we read in the bible as fact but seek to find the truth in it all.

- and you'd be welcome, very welcome to explore the adventure with us.


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