Here is the good news

for the bound up and the oppressed

the silenced and the forgotten

the patient and the restless

the hurt and the whole

Here is the good news

for those who have forgotten they are loved

who cannot recollect the last time they hoped

or no longer recognise the word ‘justice’

Here is the good news

for those at the end of the line

at the bottom of the heap

on the back of the page

whose names have been left off the beautiful list

and cannot be found in the footnotes of the world

Here is the good news for those on the other side of the wall

whose status isn’t recognised

who find no right to residency

for those who are hungry for bread

for justice

and for a word

that chooses flesh and a relationship

rather than a rule-book and dogma

For you

what the prophets promised

is being revealed

in your hearing

The Kingdom

is Open


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