On the side of wonder

The orange light of morning slipped its way through the water colouring it with a brightness it did not deserve for it had been an empty night as our bellies would now be all day Where was the fish with the coin in its mouth? It was nowhere to be found. Where was the net to gather us and hold a thousand? It was torn. Where were the promises of the water-walker to calm every storm? Our hearts still felt wild. The night had been as empty as the promises we thought we had heard. But we were fishing on the wrong side of hope: we were on the side of fulfilment, and not expectation; we were on the side of presumption, and not faith; we were on the side of expecting what we deserved, and not daring to step out the boat. So we did. We threw the nets again this time on the side of adventure, and the water exploded with silver darlings and shook light from their scales that caught the disbelief in our face. The hollow night was filled as only faith can fill it. For the light from the other side the side of wonder is brighter, and we left our boats and our nets and found ourselves where the one who found the fish with the coin and lifted the net full and unbroken and walked on water called us and we followed


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