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Luke 6:1-16

There are quite a few stories of Jesus and the sabbath and the controversy he created round how to behave on the sabbath.

Personally I’m glad that Jesus challenged all the traditions and invited us to think again about what sabbath is meant to be. Here he’s eating and curing. Seems perfectly reasonable especially because these things are seen as work. You could argue they aren’t but I’d prefer to argue that they were. The point being, sabbath is the time when you aren’t under the rule of the folk to dictate your life the other six days of the week. Religion might tell you you can do this and that and all of it in a particular way. Here’s Jesus implies that even on the sabbath you aren’t under religions laws especially if these laws have you bound up the rest of the week.

Sabbath is about being free, where you have a mini jubilee from bondage. Someone controls when you work, when you can eat, how much you are worth six days of the week. Sabbath is the day when they can’t. You are not a slave to the system, or religion or the powerful all the time. Sabbath says you are free.

So we serve communion on Sunday. It is a sabbath moment where we eat together without and out with the rules of the world: here everyone is fed; and outwith the rules of religion” here no matter who you are you can eat regardless of membership or baptism. It is the moment we break every law we can that keeps us bound to a system and believe, in God, we are free.

Any hymns you’d like to be included on Sunday under this theme?


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