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I've been looking for good news stories to talk about after Trump, Brexit and that feeling of being quite low not knowing what is around the corner. I didn't come up with much I'm afraid.

Also in the news is a debate whether you should wash your hair (Gary Barlow has washed his for the first time in 14 years), or there is the debate about who the next Doctor might be (that's Dr Who but everyone knows who you are talking about as soon as you mention The Doctor), or the question of what you'd write on a sign if Nigel Farage was talking next to you: the MEP from London held one saying 'He's Lying' which Mr Farage ranted earlier today. But none of that is good news.

But you only have to focus locally to get all the good news you wish: a whole lot of new ideas bubbling away at the moment from Harry Potter weekend where we'll engage the whole community and work with others in the summer, to results from our consultation which say we are already have many activities and events and a community model that responds to needs in community, our problem is people don't know we are open to the whole community thinking we are just open to members; we have a new inquirers class starting (more on that soon); congregational conference on getting into community more, working more closely with other denominations so we create a more cohesive faith community... and that's the tip of the iceberg.

Good News is in our neighbourhood. Sometimes we get worn down and exhausted by what goes on beyond our sphere of influence. It is no less important for that but my conclusion with this reflection is that what brings us life is right on our doorstep.


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