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Luke 9:28-45

There is transfiguration in everything because nothing is only as it seems. Transfiguration is a promise that what is now, is only temporary, a skin, a shell for the greater truth that is contained therein.

The outside always looks so ordinary in vessels that are ready for transfiguration. So typical and earthbound. But that is only the imagination playing tricks with you, or perhaps the imagination given up doing anything. That vessel, that shell is really a diamond, a nugget of gold, a thing most glorious yet to be set free.

Because everything earthbound is only waiting for its moment to be allowed to fully express who it really is. And it takes our gift of freedom for that to happen, to see it differently. When you look at Billy Elliot, who knew...? The family’s gift of setting him free transfigured the whole relationship.

The other side of the coin is that we can keep people earthbound by holding back the gift of freedom, of truth through prejudice and fear, of misunderstanding or lack of forgiveness.

Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration: a moment where the disciples gave him the freedom and allowed their imaginations to be set free and see the saviour in the human.

So, any hymns in all that that we might sing on our journey on Sunday?


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